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  • If you are preparing for JEE main and advanced exams then you need to know best Chemistry JEE main and advanced books. It is rightly said that when you study from best books then you will get best results. I suggested same books to previous year students and results were excellent.

    There are so many chemistry books for aspirants. Some are good for organic chemistry and physical chemistry while others are good for inorganic chemistry. You can easily score high in the Chemistry, if and only if, you have complete understanding of the chemistry concepts specified in the chemistry NCERT.

    Some questions are difficult to compute and understand. So, we are representing best chemistry JEE main and advanced books for students.

    The most recommended book is O.P. Tandon. It is best chemistry books for physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. The online buying link of the OP Tandon book is given below-

    The next recommended chemistry book for aspirants is ARIHANT publications for organic chemistry, physics chemistry and inorganic chemistry. The online buy link is easily available on flipkart.

    The other recommended book for chemistry is NCERT books. It includes chemistry class 11th and class 12th solutions. The buying link is as follows-

    The other chemistry books for physical, organic and inorganic include following-

    • P.Bahadur( G.R Bathla and sons) and PW Atkins for physical chemistry
    • Tata Mc Graw Hill and OP Aggarwal for IIT-JEE chemistry
    • Bruce H. mahan for university chemistry
    • JD LEE for inorganic chemistry
    • RC Mukharjee for numericals
    • Ebbing for General chemistry
    • Paula Bruice Yurkanis, Morrison, Solomons, IL Finar, Peter Skyes, JD march and MS chauhan for organic chemistry

    Above are the best chemistry JEE main and advanced books. You need to check above books before the entrance test.  You can buy these from above links at cash on delivery mode. JEE advanced 2013 exam is on 2nd June 2013. So, you can buy chemistry books for IIT-JEE exam.

    For preparation of 2014-2015, you can also refer best physics and chemistry books. If you are looking for best mathematics books for JEE main and JEE advanced entrance exam then we will share with you very soon.

    For JEE main 2014 preparation, you must know JEE main syllabus. I hope that above books help students to crack the entrance exam.


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