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  • The list of best Physics JEE main and advanced books is here. JEE main entrance exam is very close to students such that few days left for the exam. In order to prepare for JEE main and advanced physics, we are representing best physics books for students.

    The first requirement is know JEE main entrance exam syllabus, you can check JEE main physics syllabus from the above link. If you aware with physics syllabus then it would be easy for you to prepare for the Physics.

    This time, I am covering Physics books and later I will come up with Chemistry and Mathematics books as well. The featured Physics books, which every student must have include H.C. Verma and NCERT.

    H.C. Verma is best physics book for JEE Main  and advanced entrance exam. It covers physics concepts ( volume 1 and volume 2).  H.C Verma volume 1 includes 22 chapters  and volume 2 includes 23 to 47 chapters. The buying link of the Physics book is as follows-

    I am saying again that it is must buy physics book for JEE Main( earlier known as AIEEE) and JEE advanced( earlier known as IIT-JEE). Those who are preparing for top IIT colleges must buy this book.

    The next Physics book is NCERT which includes class 11th and class 12th syllabus. The NCERT class 11 and class 12th books buying link is as follows-

    The above two books are mandatory for developing advanced level problem solving skills. There are many reference and helpful physics books as well.

    • DC Pandey for practice Objective type questions
    • DEB Mukherjee MCQ
    • IE Irodev for general problem in physics
    •  Halliday and Resnick for fundamental of physics
    • Other reference books include Krotov, Nelkon and Parker, S.L Loney, V. Zubov and V. Shalnov, A.A Pinsky, Tipler, R.P Feynman and L.A Sena

    These are recommended books for JEE main and advanced physics. I am providing buying link of HC Verma and NCERT books because it is mandatory for JEE Main and JEE advanced students.

    The books are provided on reasonable price and available on cash on delivery option that mean you can made payment later after receiving the item. So, even students can order the books without paying advance money.

    The Physics sample paper and solved NCERT solutions of class 11th and class 12th is also provided on flipkart. If you have any doubt regarding the best Physics JEE main and JEE advanced books then let us know. We would help you.  



    please tel me the link for downloading halliday,resnick,walker physics book or tel me the exact book name becoz many books are there written by halliday,renick and walker like

    Principles Of Physics 9th Edition (Paperback) by Halliday, Resnick, Jearl Walker

    Fundamentals of Physics : A Must-Have Resource Book CBSE JEE and NEET-UG Syllabi (Class - 11) (Paperback) by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker

    Physics For JEE : Main and Advanced (Volume - 2) (Paperback) by Manish K. Singhal, Halliday, Resnick, Walker

    Fundamentals Of Physics Electricity And Magnetism (Paperback) by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Walker Jearl

    u can see them in

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Check flipkart from above links as you will get similar Physics book.

    If you do not found what you are looking for, then buy it from Bookada.

    Amit said...

    earlier it was said dat 12th students should get minimum of 419 marks out of 500 and then only there is a permission to sit and now it is showing the result dat minimum 60% we have to score.. would you please able to tell dat watz the criteria for this thing

    Devang Katekar said...

    errorless is also a gud book i heard...i have a confusion between h c verma and errorless

    deepak said...

    Hey Chirag I have DC Pandey both sets-
    1.Understanding Physics(5 Volumes)
    2.Objective Approach to physics(2 Volumes)

    Which book should I use.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Go for HC Verma and NCERT and then go for other books.

    deepak said...

    In comparison to both which one would you suggest

    Shlok Sah said...

    there are many dc pandey books available on flipkart , which one is the best for mcq type questions with their solutions?

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