JEE Main and advanced previous year papers with solutions

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  • Are you looking for JEE Main and advanced previous year papers with solutions? If yes then you come to right place from where you can easily download previous year’s papers.

    For a good start and finish also, while preparing for the entrance examination is to look at the questions that are asked in the previous papers. Although we need not to tell you the benefits of solving previous papers, as they have immense. Firstly you get an idea of what type of questions are being asked in this examination. Secondly you get to know the level of questions in terms of difficulty and what type of questions are being asked from certain topic in big numbers. 

    For instance, the question from the Law of motion of physics section covers a good portion in the JEE paper. On the other hand, solving the questions paper will also help you to get an insight of the time that will be required in solving this paper and the pitfalls in your preparation towards this examination.

    In the chemistry section, the reaction likes ‘wurtz reactions’ are really important. Organic chemistry always haunts the students, and it should be dealt properly. Inorganic chemistry is also the one which needs attention and it should be dealt with as much as care as organic chemistry does, because, inorganic chemistry needs concepts, but the question that are asked in this are not that difficult an hence, they are easy to score marks in this part of the examination.

    In the mathematics section, the geometry part is the typical one and students should practice lot of question for it. Geometry part takes most part of the time and time management in this sector of mathematics is a crucial one as, taking too much time in any of the section is not a good idea in the entrance examination.

    You can download previous questions paper here for JEE:

    How to solve these papers?

    Well the best way to do to these papers is to take printout of them and solve one paper regularly. Find a calm place at your home and keep a watch beside you and start solving these papers.

    Before solving these papers it will be a good an idea to go through your entire syllabus, so that you can understand as much as questions that are asked in these questions papers. While solving these papers, ticks those that are out of your syllabus or are hard to solve. This helps you to focus on those questions when you have finished the questions paper.

    Don’t solve each and every questions paper continuously, keep around 3 to 4 days at least between solving these papers as this will help you to focus and prepare according to the question.

    Tips from ex students

    Solving previous papers not only give you idea about the exam but also let you know your weak areas- Ajay Bhatia

    Do not touch those question that not the part of your syllabus as this will only confuse you here and also in the final examination.- Shipra Arora

    JEE Main 2014 sample paper link is also given below. Check it out-

    JEE Main 2014 sample paper

    Hope you enjoyed this piece of information; stay tuned to this portal for such interesting information. 


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