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  • Well IIT JEE is something that every young aspiring engineer wants to part of it. And reasons are well known to people who are applying for it. Every year lakh of students sit for this examination with a hope in eyes that they will someday be standing on other side of the wall (IIT, NIT colleges). But with competition like of a precision in space field, a single mistake can shatter your dreams. In order to assist students, we have JEE Main 2014 rank predictor or calculator through which you can  your expected JEE main rank.

    It is not a one day exam, but it involves those sleepless nights and a determination to read those bulky books that we never wanted to. 3 hours are what needed to make things positive or negative.

    But with this, nowadays even if a candidate has matched his or her answer with the official ones, they are not sure about their ranks. Because, the difficulty of paper and number scored by the topper to some extent decides your rank. This is all right till we are looking for the mains exam. But when it comes to the Advance, then seriously we don’t even sure what will happen. So we thought of helping the guys a little as where they will be standing in entrance test.

    Three main subjects decide the overall results: Physics, Chemistry and Math. If we look closely inspect, both math and physics are what that are correlated to each other and chemistry runs parallel to them. No doubt, IIT JEE exam maximum marks are scored by people in Math, but decider is always Physics and Chemistry, last one is the deal breaker. We have outline last year JEE main cut-off marks and hoping that it would help you.

    Below you can see the link for rank predictor. Enter your three subjects marks, then you can get close prediction of your rank.  We will update the Rank predictor after JEE Main 2014 marks.

    How Percentile is calculated for Board Exams

    Well One thing which we want to make it clear is that, percentage and percentile is different thing. How percentile is calculated let’s see.

    Let’s say a student has scored 85% marks in total (5 subjects). And suppose 5, 00,000 students appeared for boards and 3, 00,000 students scored marks less than this candidate. So his or her percentile will be:
    (100X 3,00,000) / 5,00,000 = 60.

    So this is how percentile is calculated. But IIT has some sort of more complex method to get a combined percentile including the JEE Main result. But above one can be used by the students to find out their percentile in the board exam. This is the reason why students appear for the improvement papers, but they have to appear in all five subjects. 

    In case any candidates passed in 2013 and appearing for 2014, then percentile 2013 will be used by IIT JEE. They will not take 3 papers marks from previous board attempt and 2 subject marks from this year improvement attempt. 

    You can also check JEE advanced 2014 rank predictor by following previous link.

    Hope you enjoyed reading this stuff, if you have doubts regarding this, please feel free to drop a comment below and we will reply back as soon as possible. There is no fee for help! 


    Amritanshu Swaroop said...

    i m expecting 80% in 12th cbse and want to get into bit mesra or spa delhi for b.arch
    how much i need to score in jee mains?
    Please tell!

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