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  • It is well known line ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Yes, for entrance exam this line holds a great significance and I would say that more you practice, more you excel. By the way, no matter how much you study a particular subject and you are confident enough to say that I know each and everything about but still you need mock papers with solutions. so, here is way to download JEE Main 2014 mock papers with solutions.
    But wait a second and pick any sort of model test paper and surely you will tend to doubt your over confidence. This is natural human thought and one cannot deny the fact that, mock or sample, whatever you say them, papers are really necessary part of your preparation.

    To help you a little bit, we have given links to some of the important question or sample paper. See those who are appearing for 12th examination and also studying for competition; it is the high time that you get started. 

    Because after the month of January, you will be busy in handling sample paper of boards itself. Exam is in April, so you will hardly get 10 days time to revise. Also, now you have to perform good in order to be in those top 20% of your board.

    IIT JEE is no different exam when it comes to solving sample paper related to it. Our personal suggestion would be to pick previous year papers and also take a good test series from any institute or other setup. 

    And make a habit of solving one sample paper each day. Initially you will think that, that you can solve 3-4 in a single day. But the time you attempt one, you will come to know that it is a lengthy process. 

    Try to sit for 3 hours and after paper is over, try to analyze the areas where you can really improve. Make one subject your favorite one, in which you will excel in the exam, like some go with physics, or with chemistry, while some go with math.

    Surely it is true that only that person excels in life that has a better understanding of subjects. See studying a subject is a little bit different thing, than appearing for it. I have seen so many guys who complain of not getting desired results even after studying so much. 

    A manner in which you proceed with the question is surely an art and it only comes after so much hard work in solving the sample paper. Sample Or Mock papers gives your clear insight of what this subject is up to and what types of questions you can really stumble upon in the exam. Technique is simple, more your practice questions, more your knowledge base of knowing different questions increases.

    Calmness, cleverness, hard work and punctuality are necessary to excel in any exam. Cleverness means, your are enough active to analyze what topic you should concentrate more on, rather than burning your memory in topics that you will never get it right. At the end everybody should know what their capability is and what they are up to. 


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